“At GETO, we concentrate on industrial electronics. We have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs; therefore, we really know how to add value to our customer’s businesses.

Quality, delivery and price are the key success factors in our business. We can satisfy our customer with the right quality, on time delivery, and a competitive price. However we understand that successful relationships require also speed in communications, accurate responses, and understanding of the customer, and harmonized services.”

“Electronics Services from Design Support to Contract Manufacturing to Outsourcing”


GETO as an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company can place your electronic design into mass production regardless the complexity of the project or the required volume of products. Preototype, High volume or mix high – low volume productions can be adapted and conducted at our company keeping the standards of manufacturing at the highest level.

Furthermore, our engineering team can also provide full design services for new projects based on customer generated concepts and requirements. Our design structure is globally competitive on quality, cost and capability

GETO engineering services include

  • PCB Assembly
  • Project Management
  • Project Desing
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Supply Chain Management and Material Procurement
  • Engineering Services
  • Manufacturing Services

Our comprehensive and networked services for industrial electronics – from electronics design, New Product Development (NPD) to Contract Manufacturing (CM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) to complete electronics outsourcing solutions – offer you unique advantages.

“At GETO, you can count on quality, cost efficiency, flexibility and reliability”

Thanks to our deep market know-how and our consequent focusing on the complete life cycle of your product, you benefit from increased operational time and higher security regarding contractual obligations with end-customers. Above all, our services are gaining time, creativity and know-how for you, which you can invest directly into the development of new successful products.


A worldwide renowned corporation, active in the field of transportation, sought a dedicated and established partner to take over the Life Cycle Management of its electronic systems.

The highly complex products are anticipated to operate in the harshest of surroundings. The highest quality for the highest reliability is of the utmost importance to the Original Equipment Manufacturer.


The potential partner must fulfill a multifaceted requirements profile like a wide range of infrastructure, experience with system assembly, seamless traceability, and in-depth know-how along the entire supply chain as well as assurance of obligations.


GETO provided efficient and convincing solutions to all challenges like certified quality management system, custom-built test systems, and focus on above average customer management, flexibility thanks to a stable product and technology transfer process and tailor-made service agreements.