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Electronic Design

Electronic Design

GETO is an engineering company that offers on demand cost effective hardware, software and system design solutions together with Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to customers, local and international, from several industrial fields.

Our solutions include mechanical, electronic and software design, end-to-end solutions, PCB development, prototyping services, New Product Development, material procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM), PCB higher level assembly and manufacturing services, test development, in-circuit and functional testing, final system box build, fulfillment, service, and repair.

GETO as an OEM and EMS company is specializing in Custom Electronic Design and Electronic Manufacturing Services, having as objective is to help you go on to the market successfully. We understand that every customer is unique and requires special attention (EMS electronics, electronics production, electronics assembly, electronics design, and electronics development).

GETO design process is initiated when the project requirements and specifications are finalized. This technical analysis includes the input and output signals of the product, as well as the required power supplies. Further parameters such as size, operation temperature, and thermal resistance e.t.c are also considered.


Circuit Design
The circuit design maps out the electronic connections. According to the specifications a circuit diagram is produced. This circuit diagram considers electronic schematics and components selection with respect to their technical characteristics, interaction between them, physical size so as to meet the desired functionality.


PCB Layout
Having finished the circuit diagram, all the components, together with their connection are derived, physically placed and routed. The complete design is thoroughly tested. Using an electronic design software program the Gerber Files of the design are extracted and used for PCB manufacture and assembly of the product.
When the first prototypes are constructed, they are tested for their functionality. Furthermore, our company proceeds to a pilot production of a small batch of products in order to eliminate any chance of failure before going to a mass production.


Embedded Software
After the completion of the hardware part of the design, the next step is the software programming. Using C, C++, Assembly programming languages the microprocessor that GETO uses (Atmel, ARM, Silicon Labs) is programmed in order for the product to perform all the features that were specified.


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