"At GETO, we concentrate on industrial electronics. We have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs; therefore, we really know how to add value to our customer’s businesses.

Quality, delivery and price are the key success factors in our business. We can satisfy our customer with the right quality, on time delivery, and a competitive price. However we understand that successful relationships require also speed in communications, accurate responses, and understanding of the customer, and harmonized services."

GETO (founded in 2009) is an EMS company that offers PCB Assembly Services in low/medium/mass volumes to customers, local and international, from several industrial fields. Furthermore, the company‘s electronic design department can provide on demand cost effective hardware, software and system design solutions.

Our headquarters based in Thessaloniki, Greece supports the production plant in Bulgaria, allowing us to offer low cost PCB Assembly services. The production process is ISO9001 certified and IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 compliant.

Our company offers Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) concerning PCB assembly in a fully automated production site. SMT process, THT placement, Wave Soldering process, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), In Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Automatic Test (FATE) are being conducted using automated equipment and fully trained personnel keeping the quality standards in the highest level.

GETO as an EMS company is specializing in Electronic Manufacturing Services, having as objective to help you go on to the market successfully. We understand that every customer is unique and requires special attention.

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