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PCB Assembly FAQ

We firstly check your bill of material (BOM) and sent to you the list what we already have in our inventory. They are mostly low price or free parts. We will give you advice how to reduce the BOM costs by parts crossing, but after all, it depends on your own final decision.

How do you order components for the orders?

We order volume quantities if the parts in your bill of material (BOM) are regular in case of no remains in our inventory. You will pay less or free by doing this way. For uncommon used parts in your BOM, we usually order 5% or 5 spare parts to assure to accomplish your order without parts shortage or missing. If we encounter some minimum order, we will communicate with you to find the best solution.

What is the lead time on an order?

The final lead time is procurement lead time plus assembly lead times. However, we try to shorten the time stream line by leveling resources. For instance, once we receive your Gerber file for PCB fabrication and BOM for assembly, we will start to prepare stencil and procurement of your outsourcing parts.

Is there a minimum order size for orders?

No. We have no restrictions on your order size. However, we would like to have your target price to help us find a good solution for your specific needs in cost reduction.

What happens to the leftover components?

We can keep your leftover parts in our inventory for your next order if you think the parts will be repeated used. For your testing and evaluation purposes in your lab, you can also order the regular parts from us for free. Please don't forget to check with us when your PCBs are going to be shipped to you.

What do I need to send for an order?

  • Bill of material (BOM), complete information in excel format. It includes manufacturers' name, part number, reference designators, components description, and quantities.
  • Gerber Files
  • Pick & Place File
  • Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable.

What is Pick & Place File?

Centroid data (AI, Pick-and-place or XY data) - This is the machine file, which should include: X, Y, Side of Board (Top or Bottom), and Reference Designator.

Can you handle lead-free builds?

Yes, we have two additional production lines for Lead-Free PCB Assembly.

Do you X-ray BGAs?

Yes. We also X-ray Leadless IC pins and other parts that have leads which cannot be seen with a microscope.

Can you do a partial assembly?

Yes, we do partial assemblies. Please tell us which components you do/do not want to be placed by noting in your BOM.

How should I kit parts if I'm submitting multiple orders?

  • Multiple kits can be sent in one package, but every small package must be marked by each order number.
  • Parts used on multiple jobs should be marked with a sticker to note they are shared.
  • Make sure you provide 5% extra parts for each separate build.

How do I need to supply my components?

  • Each bag, tray, etc should be clearly marked with the part number.
  • Components which are sensitive to moisture or static must be packaged in compliance with their storage requirement.
  • SMT components provided must be sealed tightly or taped firmly. Sending them loose may cause components damage and the production delay.

How should I ship packages to GETO?

Please mark each package with your PO number.

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