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Manufacturing Services

Our circuit board assembly services complement our higher-level / system-level production capabilities by allowing us to take greater control over the material flow and the production processes. This results in lower costs, higher efficiencies, and greater flexibility to meet your dynamic schedule.

GETO can deliver cost-effective electronic assembly and mechanical assembly solutions that produce results while avoiding the common mistakes that can bring production lines to a grinding halt.


PCB / Board Assembly

In the assembly of your pcb / boards and in the integration of your systems, we offer you a whole variety of technologies and established processes. Our Board Assembly (PCB Assembly) is based on solutions for your individual needs for volume and product variants. Self-directing production lines offer the highest quality, cost effectiveness and on-time delivery. Our installed equipment covers all your actual and future needs for board assembly. You profit from our professional operational procedures, knowledge and experience. Our PCB Assembly services consist of all commonly used processes such as surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT), cleaning, conformal coating, IC programming, special rework and repair.

Box Build and System Assembly

Profit from our broad know-how in box build and system assembly: let us take care of the completion and assembly of fully integrated electronic systems, including test design and professional test execution. Challenge us with the handling and testing of assemblies in different versions – we have the necessary experience. Your benefit: clear responsibilities, reduced organizational expenses and lower total costs. Our System Integration services consist of PCBA mounting into housings (mechanics, and cable connections, for example), software loading, system tests, packaging, documentation and delivery using established logistics processes worldwide.

Low Volume Production

We are able to produce and test even the smallest lot sizes – typically complex and safe customer-designed systems - in an economic way. For cost efficient handling of this very demanding variation, highly educated employees, intelligent manufacturing and test concepts, specially adapted equipment and streamlined processes are essential. We provide you with this and much more: you profit from our in-depth knowledge and resourcefulness, allowing us to skillfully fabricate your products correctly the very first time. Our low volume production consists of New Product Introduction and manufacturing, comprehensive logistics concepts, component and PCB procurement, long-term assurance of fabrication capability, assistance with redesigns and functional testing.

RoHS Services

We offer you production in accordance with the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations, as well as leaded manufacturing processes. In conjunction with our engineering services, we offer you a well structured 3-step conversion model. It provides you measureable advantages: after conversion, you are in the pole position regarding worldwide environmental rules, you profit from a reduction of your obsolescence risk by eliminating the components which are not RoHS compliant, and you benefit from the trend in the component market of reducing prices for unleaded components.

Technology Consulting and Laboratory

Our manufacturing technology provides services for process improvements, maintenance and calibration of manufacturing and test facilities (product line support), analysis and evaluations (means of production), evaluation of infrastructure for new technologies and new technology introduction. Our laboratory services provide microscopic inspection, x-ray analysis, micrographic analysis, and environmental simulations. There is a close cooperation with research institutions and specialized laboratories.

Change Management

Technical changes in running lots and stock material are part of EMS life: at GETO, you can trust our established change processes. Our Change Managers coordinate every step in close conjunction with you and our engineers.

Logistic Services

Through our Logistics services, you profit from decreased complexity. We provide cost efficiencies by taking into account the costs of the whole supply chain when we are planning and implementing the best logistics solutions for your assembled board or integrated system.


We offer a broad range of test methods and systems as well as profound test knowledge in manufacturing processes. An individual test concept is optimized through product use, cost and volume, life cycle and required quality. This means that you get maximum quality with minimum costs. Our far-reaching test experience is of special value for testing entire systems, and also complex systems, with a high number of variations. Test us!

Our Test services consist of reusable standardized functional test platforms like:

  • In Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Flying Probe (ICT)
  • Burn-In
  • Signature Analyzers
  • Wide range of Functional AutomaticTests (FATE)
  • Boundary scan test
  • High voltage test
  • Back plane test
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • X-Ray
  • Test system maintenance

In conjunction with our engineering services, we offer testability consultation, feedback on product design and turn-key test design.


Traceability is a must-have for complex and safety related industrial electronics and especially for medical electronics. The GETO sites has an equal level of traceability and product genealogy for process materials, personnel and components.

Our traceability services consist of:

  • Traceability of procured modules (commercial off-the-shelf products; COTS)
  • Traceability of supplied components per PCB Panel to the component manufacturer
  • Recording of the individual operation steps, production timeframes, production equipment, operative personnel and repair management
  • Registration and verification of the individual modules used in system integrated products with regard to their identification and revision level
  • Recording of firmware revision levels, MAC addresses special customer data, etc.
  • Assignment of individual modules to product units and systems
  • Forced routing of all products through all MES connected operations
  • Management of guarantee and field returns traceability


Our unified and established Product and Technology of Transfer (TOT) process provides a clear structure with defined gates for the smooth transfer of products and technology to GETO or within GETO. In the case of consolidation of your suppliers and/or second sources, or if we are your outsourcing partner (Outsourcing), you can count on our TOT, which supports the transfer process in an optimal way. And if you provide local markets or the volumes of your product changes, our TOT process leads the transfer to the most suitable GETO site within our global network. Thanks to our unified TOT process, you profit from a gain in efficiency, time and decreased complexity. This means that you can concentrate on your core business.

Within every TOT process, your product will pass different gates from the start up and planning of the process to the implementation and the closing. Tailor-made tools like checklists, review protocols or standard interface templates, ensure optimal communication between you and those within our organization. Thanks to this continuous and regular interaction between the dedicated TOT process manager, his team and the customer, you always know the process status without being involved in the daily business.

TOT after NPD

A product technology transfer after the New Product Development (NPD) provides you the opportunity to balance the benefits from both worlds: geographical and cultural proximity to your local partner with its local services as well as cost efficient manufacturing services at our global cost competitive locations. We plan and execute TOT after NPD as part of the whole life cycle of your assembled board or system. Thanks to this accurate process management, you can concentrate on your core business without any delays in deliveries or time-to-volume.


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