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Engineering Services

“From the idea to the production – GETO engineering competence”

As an engineering partner we have extensive experience with solving demanding tasks in such a way, that the results become an optimal part of the overall system and function reliably in practice from the very first day.

As an experienced electronic contract manufacturer, GETO engineering services are designed to keep your talent doing what they do best: delivering new products that distance yourself from the competition.

GETO as an electronic contract manufacturer, our engineering services include:

  • Design for manufacture and assembly
  • Process development and qualification
  • Documentation management
  • New product introduction

For our customers success we provide speed thanks to our proactive NPD Services, reliability due to our structured processes, predictability through continuous schedule tracking and safety thanks to highly qualified employees with their longstanding know-how.

Our New Product Development (NPD) services consist of:

NPD Project Management

GETO’s NPD project managers coordinate the introduction of your new product using standardized processes and gate reviews from the very first outline to the ready-for-market production release.

You profit from shorter time-to-market, reduced product costs, robust product quality and predictable project flow.

Our NPD Project Management services consist of project management, product target costs tracking, production technology support and secured materials availability for upcoming production lots.

NPD Component Management

We grant you access to our Component Engineers’ knowledge: we continuously follow the market activities regarding innovation, availability, quality and costs.

You profit from our component engineers’ knowledge from the first circuit draft. Our component information system sets the standards.

Our NPD Component Management services consist of strategic component services (roadmap, newsletters), component evaluation services, component library services and BOM evaluation services.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

GETO’s experienced Product Engineers advise you with concurrent engineering in production technology and help you to an optimized, reliable product. We are able to optimize your design beginning in the development phase.

You profit from shorter development time, reduced production costs and fewer redesigns. Continuous engagement with your product design team allows us to ensure that a final design will both satisfy your specifications, and be optimized for our operators and assembly lines.

Our DFM services consist of component placement analysis, material availability check, component second source search, environmental compliance check, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), PCB layout check, yield calculation, test analysis and Chemical Contents Check (CCC).

Fast Prototyping

GETO delivers prototypes in a fast mode: Prototype Managers support you in every step of the process and make concrete improvement suggestions.

You profit from series product cost reductions, increased quality and higher yields. Electrical tested prototypes avoid unnecessary startup costs.

Our Prototyping Services consist of Prototype Management, purchasing materials, assembly on mass production equipment, visual or MDA tests and effective improvement suggestions.

Design for Testing (DFT)

GETO provides test solutions that ensure that all test needs are met in the best possible way. Test strategies and test concepts are based on test coverage analysis, customer specifications, cost targets, volumes and product life cycles.

You benefit from our teams of experienced test engineers with knowledge in a wide range of test methods that are developed for existing platforms or on dedicated test systems. Our DFT reviews are performed at both product and system levels. We will work with your design engineers to optimize your product and materials for each step of the overall testing strategy so as to ensure a seamless integration between the testing and manufacturing work-flows.

Our comprehensive DFT services cover the test needs from early design analysis and test development to production line deployment and set up of routines for preventive maintenance.


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