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SMD Process

We work with SMT prototype and small production runs, using both manual and automatic SMT assembly processes. We perform single and double sided placement of all component types.

With us, you don't have to think about the details of production yourself and can focus on your design. We Work with Your Design in Mind

We can assemble BGA, QFN, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, UBGA, POP and various other small chip packages that have a pitch of 0.33mm (8 mils) or larger. Through hole parts are also no problem. For passive parts, we can work with chip packages as small as 0201.

The SMT soldering process is carefully matched to your design and your constraints. We will review the SMT PCB assembly design you submit and make any Design for Manufacturing (DFM) suggestions we may have, but you are in control. We follow the reflow surface mount soldering requirements of the individual SMT components. We have a very high yield as we implement precise control of the reflow process.

In order to detect the joint soldering SMT quality, we use X-ray inspection. For leadless parts such as QFN, DFN and BGA packages, there is no way to perform a direct visual inspection. By using 3D X-ray inspection, many of the issues with SMT soldering can be detected.

Four SMD lines with overall IPC production speed of almost 359 000 components per hour.

  • Size limitations – down to 0201 components
  • Fine pitch – down to 0.33 mm
  • Solder paste reflow
  • SMT glue


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